What’s with all these ‘writers’?

January 15, 2013

There are very few people that are writers, real deal writers. But why are there so many people that want to be?
I’m talking book writing not work writing
Because people think it’s easy?
Is it the idea of thinking everyone wants to read your story, just the thrill of writing it in general?
It’s weird over the last two days I’ve had so many people say they are really into writing and have started a book or two.
Whether you can or can’t, think it’s easy or hard, no one says why.
That is something i’ve never ever had an itch to do
writing a whole book
I think people need to rephrase this and say they want to have an extended journal entry
maybe a pen pal
haha, yeah I guess, but that’s not impressive–long form online journaler sounds lame. Writer sounds artsy.

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